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Xarios Phone Manager is the latest computer telephony application to be launched exclusively on the Inter-Tel Axxess and Inter-Tel CS5000 telephone systems. The software makes some of the powerful features found on both platforms even easier to access and use whilst the screen based presentation delivers a wealth of information, enabling individuals and companies to communicate better.

Xarios Phone Manager

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Xarios Phone Manager has a number of modules designed to meet the different needs of the user.

Four different levels of Phone Manager determine which modules are available to the user:

(1) Xarios Phone Manager

  • Your Contacts
  • Quick Dial Hot-Key Via Microsoft Outlook
  • Screen-Pop Your Calls

(2) Xarios Phone Manager Professional (Essential if using Hotdesking)

  • Combines all of the above with advanced Outlook integration.

(3) Xarios Phone Manager Professional Integrator Edition.

  • If you need to create your own macros, or need to use software development controls for VB or .NET, go for this version of Phone Manager Professional.

(4) Xarios Phone Manager Team Leader

  • This level of Phone Manager is aimed at call centre supervisors and adds a tightly integrated call management solution to the rest of the Phone Manager CTI features.
    • Remote Log-in/Log-out
    • Call Monitor
    • Messaging
    • View Hunt Groups & View Calls

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