CS5000 Software Version 2.1

Inter-Tel released version 2.1 software for the 5000 Series in November 2006.
The new level of software brings new features to the system such as the ability to expand the BVM Voicemail up to 16 ports, plus new hardware in the form of the 8-Port Single Line Module.


8 Port Single Line Module (SLM-8)


8-port Single Line Module (SLM-8)
The SLM-8 provides the ability to expand single-line capacity in 8-port increments.  The module installs into any available bay on a Digital Expansion Interface (DEI).  The SLM-8 can be mixed in any combination with the DEM-16 modules to achieve the desired amount of digital and analogue stations.  The maximum configuration allows one SLM-8 to be installed in each of the six bays (available from two DEIs) for a total of 48 single-line stations on any of the CS-5000 Communications servers (CS-5200, CS-5400 or CS-5600).    


SRA describes a new fundamental ‘IP Resource reservation’ scheme within Call Processing.
SRA allows the system to use IP Resources more efficiently.
IP Resources are only needed for call-related activities and are not reserved when an IP endpoint comes online as before (although this is a configurable option). 


Higher capacity Basic Voice Mail (BVM) up to 16 ports

Customers can now choose between having external voicemail (e.g. Enterprise Messaging) or the embedded BVM option. 
All 5000 Series servers come with 4 ports of BVM built in. 


BVM is upgradeable in increments of 4 ports to provide a maximum of  8 ports of BVM in an Inter-Tel CS-5200 and CS-5400. If more than 8 ports of BVM are required, the system must be upgraded to an Inter-Tel CS-5600 which is capable of increasing the number of BVM ports to 8, 12 or 16 ports.  For solutions requiring more than 16 ports of BVM, Enterprise Messaging should be implemented.  The BVM solution supports basic unified messaging capabilities on all 16 ports.Single Line Module 4 (SLM-4)


The SLM-4 provides up to four single line ports and can be inserted into one of the three CS-5x00 chassis bays.
Caller information will be able to be displayed on Plain Old Telephone screens as the SLM-4 supports CLI transmission.




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