InterTel S8664 / S8665 Wireless WIFI Phones


S8664 Wireless Endpoint

Providing mobility for busy office professionals, this compact wireless handset is designed to enable users to access the extensive feature set of the Inter-Tel Axxess® IP System, while mobile within their company's 802.11b network. This lightweight, wireless endpoint offers superior voice quality, extended talk time as well as soft-key feature access facilitating communication throughout the workplace. Utilising SpectraLink's Open Application Interface, handsets can function as two-way messaging devices allowing integration with other enterprise systems.

S8665 Wireless Endpoint

The S8665 offers the same system, display and battery capacity as the Model S8664, in a durable industrial-grade design to meet the most demanding environmental requirements - serving the unique needs of business customers such as manufacturing, distribution, warehouse, automotive, retail and more. The feature-rich handset includes a high-resolution graphic display, menu-driven functions and messaging capabilities*. An exclusive push-to-talk functionality enables broadcast communication between employees - eliminating the need for two-way radios.


4 hours of talk time (maximum)

80 hours of standby

Backlit dot-matrix display

Display icons and line-status indicators

Text messaging*

Audible and vibrating ringer

Integrated TFTP client

DHCP or static IP addressing

Compact design (S8664: 140 x 51 x 23mm) (S8665: 150 x 56 x 25mm)

Push-to-talk (Exclusively on the S8665)

*Text messaging requires 3rd party software solutions.

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