InterTel Telephone System Appraisal Service

PSU Technology Group Ltd have over 20 years experience working with their clients to ensure that their IT and Telecoms infrastructure and implementation provides the perfect first impression for their callers. We look at it as an investment in future business.

To do this we carry out a 'Telephone System Appraisal' which looks at the customers needs then matches them to what system and setup they have in place. On many occasions it may highlight areas of programming that need to be addressed such as ring mapping, failed call destinations and group overflows. On other occasions it may highlight ongoing savings that can me made with little or no investment; such as leveraging up to date technologies such as broadband ADSL for cheaper networking.

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* Terms and Conditions

Due to the relatively high cost of carrying out these appraisals, PSU Technology Group Ltd reserve the right as to whether to offer them on a free of charge or chargeable basis. We will advise you during the first telephone conversation whether we are prepared to offer the service on either a free or chargeable basis. If we elect to offer the appraisal on a chargeable basis, we will advise you of the cost during the initial telephone conversation. You will then have the choice as to whether to go ahead and book or not. You are not obliged to accept in any way.There is no absolutely no obligation on your behalf to do anything following the appraisal. The information is yours to do with as you see fit. We reserve the right to decline an invitation to carry out an assessment.

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