InterTel System Upgrades and Part Exchange

Since 1969, Inter-Tel have always tried where possible to adopt an 'evergreen policy' when implementing system enhancements or launching new products. They know that their products wouldn't sell as well if everytime they bring out a new feature, their customers had to dig deep into their pockets for that proverbial 'forklift upgrade' cost.

This policy has meant that once a customer has opted to invest in an Inter-Tel telephone system, they rarely move away.

This may be good news for the customer, but it's not great news for the normal reseller who would rather sell you a new system every five years. Luckily we have learnt to adopt a more pragmatic approach.

Our Regional Business Managers have an arsenal full of upgrades and new products to help you enhance your business and increase productivity. We'd rather sell small and often than big and infrequent.


Upgrade to save money

Production of the legacy InterTel Axxess phone (part numbers: KT536, KT535, KT534 and KT537) ended in Autumn of 2006 following the launch of the new 8000 Series phones.

To make it easier for customers who have legacy phones and wish to expand, we have put together a special offer to offer upgrades to the latest version of software at heavily subsidised prices.

In some scenarios we may even be able to swap out your old phones for new ones for minimal cost.

This will allow the continued use of existing keyphones but most importantly allow the connection of the new 8000 Series handsets for replacements or new starters.

Call us now on 0845 481 0020 to find out more
about these special offers.



Part Exchange Offers

If you are looking at changing because your current telephone system cannot give your business what it needs, we will be happy to discuss offering you a trade-in value for your existing system to help with the purchase cost of the new Inter-Tel. We're always prepared to listen.

Call us now on (0800) 652 4888 to discuss how we could not only save your business money, but also give you cashback at the same time.

phil taylor account manager psu technology group 

"It's ironic really, but I thrive on helping people spend less money and preserve their budgets"
Phil Taylor, Account Manager

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